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I’m Markus Clemmedson, an Art Director & Graphic Designer living and working in Malmö, Sweden.
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I had the privilege of working with companies and institutions such as The City of Malmö, Headbrands, Malmö University, Sebastian Mullaert, Aluma, Malmö Museer, Kontra-Musik and more.

Villa Söderåsen
Bed & Breakfast

Art Direction, Webdesign


I had the privilege to design both the visual identity and website for the amazing people at Villa Söderåsen. It was easy to be inspired by their beautiful surroundings and the quality content provided by this client.

Art Direction


InSalon makes furniture for hairdressers. It was a pleasure to make this catalog since this is InSalons first printed material so there was room to develop their visual narritive and I am very happy with the result. A design that is both pleasing to eye and that works well for the sales staff.
Art Direction

Brand Books

Headbrands is a wholesaling company that provides everything a hairdresser needs. I have helped them develop the look for their Brand Books. The Brand Books acts as a support for the sales staff to have strong salesmaterial to show to clients.


Kjell Åström

Art Book

The artist Kjell Åström has painted on the theme ONTARIO for years. I designed the book in collaboration with Julia Persson from Tapper Geist Design Studio. The book gives you a taste of thirteen of Kjell’s beautifully graphic paintings.
Malmö Museer
Välkommen till Sverige


Välkommen till Sverige (Welcome to Sweden) is an exhibition that tells the story of when Malmö Museum in 1945 was transformed from a public museum to a refugee camp for people who survived the Nazi concentration camps. Tapper Geist has developed a visual identity, promotion and information material, signage and interior design for the exhibition. With an exhibition in three parts – and in three different locations – it requires a clear visual concept with big signs, bright colors and high recognition. The interior architecture is clean and minimal so that the strong content can take center stage.

Musik i Syd



With the show Solisten! (The Soloist!) Musik i Syd wants to give children and young people an opportunity to discover and experience classical music. Here the audience will meet professional musicians who with their instrument explores different emotional states. Every emotion is accompanied by a story that deepens the understanding of it. After the show children made drawings of their thoughts and feelings about the music. The drawings became an important part of the graphic material in the book “Solisten! Klassisk musik för 2000-talets barn”. The inspiration for the design largely comes from the children’s playfulness in their visualization of music. Nominated for the Swedish Publishing Prize 2015.

Sebastian Mullaert

Wa Wu We

Visual Identity

Swedish live techno phenomenon Sebastian Mullaert is an international DJ and artist. I had the privilege to make the visual identity for his label WaWuWe as well as doing art direction for his promtion images and visual identity for him as an artist.

Malmö Museer

Women making history


The exhibition Women Making History shows off the city of Malmö from a perspective which includes its foreign-born women. It tells about 100 years of immigrant women’s lives and work in Malmö with the help of photographs, interviews, texts and objects. Tapper Geist designed everything from exhibit to communication and marketing.

Malmö University

Lion Learned to Moonwalk


How the Lion Learned to Moonwalk is about how classical music and concerts can be experienced in new, innovative ways and the project is a collaboration between Malmö Symphony Orchestra, Royal Danish Theatre, Copenhagen Phil, Malmö University and the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design. Tapper Geist have with 100 pages of uncoated paper and typographic love designed the scientific report that describes the project.


Visual Identity


European Finance Function (EFF) was founded in 2005 as a captive accounting shared service center.
I remade their logo and visual identity to get them a flying start when they transitioned from being The Duni-groups in-house accounting firm into taking external clients from all over Europe.


Art Direction


The streetpaper Aluma was started by Elisabeth Gudmundson in 2001 to provide employment to homeless people in the south of Sweden. Aluma received much attention for its design and was used by Malmö University to show their design students how graphic design can be used to elevate social issues. I was the designer and one of those who worked on devoloping the magazine.